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Monday, May 18, 2009

Thanks guys

You started to get hints, even before Kevin Garnett limped off the floor in Utah that February night.

Mostly it was the strange way the season unfurled -- a 27-2 start where they appeared invincible followed by swings of inconsistency. Slipping to third seed in the East, even momentarily, didn't augur well.

So congratulations to the Orlando Magic for dethroning the champs. The loss of Garnett and Leon Powe certainly hurt the Celtics as they tried to handle young Dwight Howard.

The wear and tear of playing shorthanded down the stretch of what amounted to almost two years of constant competition was too much to overcome. The absence of James Posey and P.J. Brown was just as important in the pressure cooker of the playoffs.

But don't shed a lot of tears. If, as we assume, the Celtics had a three-year window after the creation of the new Big Three, rejoice that they did it in one.

And rejoice in the fact that with a healthy Garnett next year, we could rightfully be talking about a Big Four thanks to the emergence of Rajon Rondo. And Big Baby Glen Davis certainly did a lot of growing up too.

Repeats in the NBA are not easy. And this one would have been tough anyway for 23 reasons -- the awesome presence awaiting the Magic in the Eastern Conference finals.

LeBron James has been pretty much unstoppable -- and so have his Cleveland Cavaliers. They represent a city starved for a champion (believe me I know!). I comfort myself in knowing that a Celtics loss last night avoided a date with a juggernaut that would have run them over, probably in five.

So, as it always comes down to in the NBA, the chant is Beat LA. And a McGrady-less, Yao-less Houston Rockets showed it can be done.

I revert to rooting for a Cleveland basketball team -- for the duration on the 2009 playoffs only.

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