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Saturday, May 02, 2009

That's wrong, the Herald

Well, the Globe was on the doorstep this morning. And I suspect a slimmed down issue of the newsprint edition will be around in the future -- though maybe not every day.

But the Globe's near-death experience got me to thinking -- would I start buying the Herald again if "The Boring Broadsheet" disappeared? And the answer remains "no."

I had long been a strong supporter of a two daily newspaper town (yes Dan, The Phoenix is definitely alive and kicking). I covered the Herald death watch as a younger reporter and was thrilled when Rupert Murdoch rescued it from the inept clutches of Hearst.

Despite years of referring to the paper under my breath with derogatory names, I plunked down a quarter, then a half-dollar for an always brief scan of the headlines.

Then came Ken Chandler's memorable 2003 downscale. In effect I became the type of reader who is now causing agita for the Globe bosses: I will check out stories online but see no reason to plunk down cash for the tab.

So, if I am a committed newsprint person and the Globe goes the way of the Boston Post why won't I change?

Take away the foolish indulgences to insult Globe readers like the memorable Howie Carr-inspired "Herald Staff" list of "Top 10 ways to save the Globe." Two editorial decisions this week alone reinforce my belief that the Herald's worldview is not my own.

Let's dismiss the easy one first. Today's lengthy Page One look at the latest Deval Patrick rumor, this time wasting space over whether he would be a good Supreme Court nominee for a slot that virtually everyone believes will go to a woman.

There's way too much going on to indulge in these space wasters.

But speaking of way too much going on -- what about that utterly irresponsible front page graphic (which I reluctantly link to) to accompany the over the top headline "Killer Flu Stalks Mass." Yes, a tabloid dependent on street sales needs "pizazz." But the facts of the story didn't come close to watching the fear-mongering generated by the street hook.

So, if faced with buying the Herald or joining the movement to web-only news consumption, I think I'll do what everyone else is doing and give my mouse a heavy daily workout.

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Anonymous just sayin' said...

So compare the Herald's front page with the Vice President of the United States of America telling the country to stop travelling on all planes, trains, and all mass transit. Are you going to boycott Joe Biden as well?

May 02, 2009 11:33 AM  
Blogger Outraged Liberal said...

Because more people take the Herald seriously than they take Joe Biden? :-)

I've already opined that Biden actually expressed a thought that has probably occurred to every one of us. He's been taken to the woodshed anyway.

So what's wrong with doing the same thing to a newspaper, which is guilty of the same misdeed. Particularly when it's goal was to sell papers and not to cal waters roiled by Biden.

Besides, my boycott of buying the Herald is about six years and counting. The problems are deeper and more long lasting than two things in the past week.

May 02, 2009 12:57 PM  

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