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Friday, May 22, 2009

Tongue Wars

Memo to Senate President Terry Murray: You don't have the winning side in the fight when Herald headline writers declare: Deval Patrick stands firm against solons' barbs" (even though nine-tenth of the readers would say what the heck is s solon?)

When a leader elected in one of 40 Senate districts labels a man elected by the entire state "irrelevant," then wishes he would be more "conciliatory" to the Legislature we have a perception problem.

And that perception is that is that Great and General Court is relevant to the people who pay taxes and vote.

Yes, people vote for their senators and members of the House and have loyalty and affinity (or disdain) for them, But the entire body? Well, for most folks I suspect it would be "a pox upon their house (and senate)."

Like Congress, the General Court is an amorphous body. The perception is they come to work, collect their pensions and go home. As for the Senate in recent months, they stuff bribes in their bras and grope women.

To the vast majority of resident, Patrick is far from irrelevant -- he IS government. To a vast majority he is also a Cadillac, drapes and cushy patronage jobs.

But right now, he is also the guy who says "reform before revenue" (too bad you gave up the line Terry) and is standing up against a sales tax proposal many people feel was hatched behind closed doors and came from out of the blue.

Murray seems confused that lawmakers and Patrick are fighting because this is the first time we've had a Democratic governor in 16 years.

That assumes the views of the 200 people elected in clumps by the Commonwealth's voters outweigh the view of the one elected by the full group. That's a little understandable because it certainly did when we had Republican governors who lost interest and walked away.

But Patrick appears intent in standing up for, at the very least, a fair process and the appearance that government is hearing people on the issue of ethics, pension and transportation (way to go MBTA and Turnpike Authority) before they raise taxes.

And to the folks who live in Newburyport, Greenfield, Pittsfield and Monroe, far away from Murray's Plymouth roots, he is far more relevant than someone who flings rocks from inside a glass house -- or Senate.

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Blogger Jeff C said...

This outraged Libertarian agrees with you. If only people would vote against the solons that do them direct harm.

May 22, 2009 12:13 PM  

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