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Monday, June 29, 2009

Ain't Mitts-behavin'

Warning: Republicans are heading for a major crackup. The Piety Police appear intent on holding the reins which means the last man standing in 2012 may just well be -- our (former) Man Mitt.

And the one-time Massachusetts resident is doing all he can to attain the top spot, becoming a regular fixture on the Sunday yak shows, offering his bon mots on what Right-thinking people should be thinking.

Romney -- who swooped in from Utah to take out Jane Swift before winning the Corner Office, abandoning both it and Massachusetts for the national stage -- is a firm believer that governors need to "live by a higher standard."

I guess that applies only to personal life and not the oath of office. And certainly not to raw ambition.

Of course there's a problem that dares not speak its name if he hopes to achieve the GOP nomination in 2012. No, not that. Rather it's that pesky little problem that the Piety Police have issues with his religion.

Forget the polls. As long as the GOP remains in the thrall of the Piety Police, Romney will have a hard time closing the deal -- no matter how self-righteously he portrays himself.

Or how frequently he changes residences to secure a shot at electoral votes.

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Blogger Chris Rich said...

Mutt has another problem beyond holy roller religiosity, he's Corporate.

If, as is likely, the US enters a permanent reset of GDP and emerges from the Great Depression, version 2.0, there is likely to be little enthusiasm for another MBA creature as the last one was a major architect of the decline we now endure.

Oh boy, another goon with an expensive haircut and an empire built from daddy's money and he is nearly as wooden and dumb as the original..George W.

I'm beginning to think Obama's problems with economy issues turn on some bargain he made with Hillary to install retreads from the old Clinton government in exile such as Summers that may not pan out so well.

June 29, 2009 8:12 AM  

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