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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back seat Timmie

You all know it: that obnoxious commercial where a little kid plays virtual dodge ball with his images until all that's left is a dorky looking "Spaghetti Jimmy" to ask "what's in your wawwet?"

Well Spaghetti Jimmy, meet Back Seat Timmie. And welcome to the official kickoff of the 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

Yes indeed, our beloved Treasurer Tim Cahill is at it again, telling us what's wrong with the Commonwealth. Not how to fix it mind you, just what's wrong.

In a meeting with Globe editors, Cahill says tell us that he would make deep cuts in health care and education to spare taxpayers $1 billion in new taxes.

Of course in typical Cahill fashion, he fails to tell us where he would make specifics cuts, what the impact would be and what alternatives he would offer to pay for people using expensive emergency rooms for care or dropping out of school without the skills needed to find a good job.

Or maybe the Globe editors simply forgot to ask?

The two faces of Timmie have many folds, too many to repeat here. So just a quick sampler. He was opposed to "Taj Mahal" schools, the life sciences bill and the Turnpike Authority. He was for pension reform before dropping the ball, a major oopsie since as treasurer he is the head of the state retirement system.

If empty words could pay the bills, Massachusetts would be running at a surplus thanks to Treasurer Tim, who accuses Patrick and legislative backers of health care of playing politics. Yep, sure has helped Mitt Romney and Sal DiMasi all right.
“Everyone wanted it to pass, to get it on their resume,’’ Cahill said of the state’s 2006 healthcare law. “Nobody asked the tough questions. It was expensive, even in good times. In tough times . . . it just doesn’t seem doable.’’
Is it overkill to note that "nobody" includes the state treasurer?

I do see one area where Deval Patrick may be overspending though. His campaign is shelling out $7,800 for opposition research. Heck, all the need to do is subscribe to an RSS feed of this blog.

Hey Timmie, what's in your wallet?

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