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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Guild do-over?

Are the Boston Globe's management and the Boston Newspaper Guild heading for a face-saving compromise? Or is the Herald simply having some fun at its rival's expense?

The usually reliable Jessica Heslam, citing "sources" says the company would be open to a revote on the $10 million package of concessions that went down earlier this week by a 12-vote margin.

Guild President Dan Totten on the other hand says that a do-over is not in the cards.
“We are focused on getting back to the table and negotiating an agreement."
I have a better chance of getting elected president than that happening.

It's been widely acknowledged that mistakes have been made on both sides of the talks. Knowing that all it takes to get to yes is changing seven votes must be enticing to The New York Times overlords as they try to unload what has become an increasingly larger albatross.

Putting an even deeper wedge in an already divided Guild, where members are angry over the 23 percent pay cut would be a plus. Not to mention sidestepping an NLRB hearing on which was their "last, best offer" -- the 23 percent across-the-board cut or the rejected package.

Clearing up union strife would eliminate a major roadblock to a potential sale.

Stay tuned.

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