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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Here, there and everywhere

Bits and pieces of my brain seeping out. Is it the wet weather rot?
  • Just caught up with a Tom Doyle "Townie Tune" on WROR-FM: "I'm so Indicted," sung by the simulated stylings of Sal DiMasi. Priceless.
  • Query to all those folks irate over the tax hikes contained in the state's new budget: who do you think pays for schools, public safety and the ability to get frustrated at the Registry? The tooth fairy?
  • Another reason the New York Times needs to exit Boston fast. Even when they try to write a thoughtful piece -- about the plight of triple-deckers -- they screw up with gross generalizations. "Dorchester, a tough neighborhood of Boston." Maybe at 135 Morrissey Boulevard?

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