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Friday, June 26, 2009

Hope they're not spending bailout money

I have the perfect solution for Wall Street's reported desire to clean up its image against "populist" backlash. Persuade Oliver Stone to rewrite the script for Wall Street 2 so that someone knocks off Gordon Gekko.

Bloomberg News reports the same folks who advised former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson (you know the guy who wanted to spend $700 billion of our cash with no oversight) are now looking to drop about $85,000 a month to tell us that Wall Street and Main Street really aren't so different.

Except no one on Main Street would pay that kind of tough to peddle this sort of pablum:
“It is imperative that in this historic period of reform, the industry be recognized as playing a positive role in seeking change and providing solutions to the problems we face,’’ one document said. “There is currently widespread skepticism about the industry’s commitment to this needed change.’’
And if you believe that (other than the widespread skepticism part), I have this credit debt obligation I sell you for a song.

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