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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No excuses?

The right wing talking points writers have been hard at work today, declaring Democrats no longer have any excuses for doing what they want -- and by implication rolling over poor conservatives -- now that Al Franken has finally been declared the winner of the Minnesota Senate seat.

Spin again. Does anyone remember the words of Will Rogers, offered almost 80 years ago?
I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.
From Blue Dogs of the South to the solid blue Northeast, Democrats have exhibited a diversity of thought and opinion that Republicans have successfully quashed. In what party would a man once destined to be the Obama administration health czar leave the reservation when left to his own?

Yet we've seen this specious analysis from my friends on the left, citing the flip of Pennsylvania's Arlen Specter, as another sign of Democratic lockstep success.

Arlen Specter? Lockstep?

Efforts by either the right or the left to say 60 equals victory either haven't paid attention to history -- or are too busy playing politics. The concept is a set-up. That's something I expect from the Party of No. But I sure as heck don't want to see same blinders being applied from the left.

By the way, congratulations Senator Franken.

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