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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thanks Timmie

It seems Treasurer Tim has been spending so much time telling everyone else how to do their jobs, he's neglected to do his own.

The new state budget already has a $25 million hole in it, thanks to Cahill, who failed to tell lawmakers that an agreement to bring Massachusetts in the Powerball lottery failed to materialize. The Herald has the luscious details, including the fact that Cahill was alerted to the fact that Massachusetts was banned from party -- on May 27.
"Once that was not approved we should have been called the very next day,” said Senate Ways and Means Chairman Steven C. Panagiotakos (D-Lowell). “It makes things more difficult. We’ll have to find cuts to make up the difference.”
Treasurer Tim was upfront, as usual.
“It was a mistake not to let them know it wasn’t approved,” said Cahill last night. “But they shouldn’t have put any of that money in the budget. That was their mistake.”
Yeah, it is a huge mistake to take anything coming from the treasurer's office as accurate. Just look at his track record.

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Blogger Judy Meredith said...

Starting to read you before I read the Herald. Saves time.
Good catch.

June 25, 2009 5:59 AM  

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