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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two faces of Tim

Treasurer Tim Cahill may need to retire and apply for a pension soon. His memory seems to be failing him.

The Great Reformer, who appears ready to walk away from the Democratic Party to challenge Deval Patrick next year, just can't seem to recall details around his approval of an enhanced pension for Josephine E. Shea, who retired from the Norfolk County Sheriff's Office in 2000 at the age of 49 with a pension of $47,000.
"It was almost a decade ago, and I don't remember the specifics of the case," Cahill said in the statement.
I can imagine. The specifics aren't pretty.

Shea, a friend and political supporter, collect the hazardous duty pension of a prison guard -- even though she retired as deputy superintendent for administration and finance. Oh yeah, and as a "temporary special sheriff." She declined to discuss her duties with the Globe so there is no way to know if she was injured by rowdy paper clips.

She also has a touch of amnesia, declining to tells the Globe details such as how often in her career she had contact with inmates, one measure for determining eligibility for enhanced benefits, or to give details of her duties.

But don't feel sorry for her. Today she has a successful new career as a broker for, wait for it, firms seeking to invest state and county pension funds. Isn't that the kind of work that Cahill oversees?

One thing about Timmie -- he's always entertaining as an elected official and a politician. You just never know which side of his mouth the words will come out.

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