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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another day, another T mess

Ho hum. Yet another story about the MBTA and something questionable on the front page.

This time, we're looking an an initial investigation by Auditor Joe DeNucci into why the MBTA is sometimes losing money in a deal where it is supposed to be earning cash through leasing space in South Station.

And as usual, the blame lies elsewhere, according to Smilin' Dan Grabauskas. And this one is pure genius -- he's blamed someone who hasn't been in office for almost 20 years.

It's relatively simple. The T leases South Station to Equity Office Properties, and the two are supposed to split the annual profits. But DeNucci's initial inquiry found that Equity Office claimed such high expenses that the T got little or no money in the profit-sharing arrangement.

Smilin' Dan says he's stuck with terms negotiated more than two decades ago by then-state transportation secretary Fred Salvucci.
“I have neither a detraction nor a defense of the lease,’’ Grabauskas said. “I didn’t enter into it. If other parties want me to reexamine it to see if there is good reason to try to renegotiate the terms prior to its conclusion, then I will do that.’’
So if this is a problem of 20 years, why hasn't anyone noticed it before, least of all the crackerjack MBTA management that is trying to pinch every penny to avoid fare hikes?

Reader Chris Rich wonders just what is in the severance deal that Grabauskas negotiated for himself that leaves Deval Patrick unwilling to pull the trigger and dump Danny early? Obviously Grabauskas must has some contract skills.

Just wonderin'?

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Blogger Chris Rich said...

Good Morning OL,

Here's a linky.

Evidently Mutt Romney's crew set up a small raft of severance time bombs as a GOP hedge against firing from an inevitable Democrat return.

It suggests Mutt must not have had much confidence in GOP control of the Governors office.

The article also suggests this was an unusual practice and one has to wonder what, if anything, the Legislators did about it or if it was outside their scope of oversight.

A google search 'Dan Grabauskas Severance pay' will give you a sweet trove on this and you will see your own blog at top page ranking on.

It will give you one fun sweet piece, dig in and enjoy. I have neglected my politics blog as I'm in a hot run with my jazz blog antagonizing a bunch of shiftless ne'r do wells who have pauperized my Avante Garde friends leading me to be linked by some NPR blog on the subject.

Frankly a citation by you is far more satisfying even though I don't expect it.

It also underscores an interesting difference between GOP scams and the Democrat garden variety graft.

GOP uses corporate legal dodge contract elements like Goldman Sachs or something to rob the public while the old school Democrat ward heelers do it the old fashioned way.

July 16, 2009 9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Globe also reports that Jim Aloisi was part of the crack team that negotiated this bad lease agreement 20 years ago. Looks like Salvucci/Aloisi saddled the MBTA with this 30 year mess.

July 16, 2009 2:08 PM  

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