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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Asleep at the switch

The National Transportation Safety Board has come down pretty hard on the MBTA in its official report on the 2008 Green Line crash that killed train operator Ter’rese Edmonds. And while they believe she may have suffered from a sleep problem, the real one lies with MBTA management.

The ultimate problem, they say, is the "lack of a safety culture" that includes things like missing fail-safe technology on the Green Line that would have stopped the train if Edmonds suffered a "microsleep" problem that caused he to temporarily nod out at the wrong time.
“If technology exists - and it exists on the other lines - why would the Green Line not have everything possible that is going to prevent the accidents from happening?’’ Mark V. Rosenker, acting chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said during a hearing in Washington, D.C... “I don’t understand that, as an operator,’’ Rosenker said. “I just don’t.’’
Good question. What say you Dan Grabauskas?

Um. Nothing.
MBTA general manager Daniel A. Grabauskas and state Transportation Secretary James A. Aloisi Jr., chairman of the T board, declined requests for interviews yesterday.
It was left to "unnamed" T officials to defend the T's safety record pointing to "a number of measures the agency has taken since last year’s crash, including a more frequent and formal system to observe drivers’ speeds and safety compliance on the tracks."

I have a two-word response to that claim: Aidan Quinn.

Grabauskas' defenders have been recent visitors here to stand up for the T's general manager. I look forward to hearing from them in the absence of any official response.

Nothing has changed my mind that Smilin' Dan has got to go as part of any fare increase.

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Blogger Chris Rich said...

There should be a Dan Countdown of how many days remain in his contract.

The problem seems to be an early termination clause where he gets some large sum if he is canned.

Who agreed to that and why? Since when did we allow such nonsense? In my world you do your job well or get fired. Is that some anathema now?

July 15, 2009 7:20 PM  

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