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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Eve of destruction?

Those of you with a few miles on your tires may remember the uproar surrounding '60s protest song "Eve of Destruction." No, things aren't that bad. But I was struck by some lyrics as I perused the headlines today:
You may leave here for four days in space. But when you return it's the same old place...
Well, I didn't go into space, but four days away leaves me with the same conclusion. Let's take 'em in no particular order:

Cahill postures while economy tanks

Good headline for a campaign commercial, dontcha think. My friend Timmie was busy while I was gone, offering up his opinion, yet again, this time that the sales tax increase that goes into effect on Saturday more than meets the needs of the soon-to-be-gone but never forgotten Massachusetts Turnpike Authority.

Regulars know I am no fan of the toll hike, reminded once again when it cost an extra $8.75 just to sit down in a cab at Logan and avoid Fenway Park traffic for a trip home. It may be seen as noble that Treasurer Tim thinks South Shore residents like himself pay some of the cost for the construction. But I find the position somewhat jarring at the same time I see a story that talks about the horrific year for the state pension funds.

Why? Because, unlike telling everyone what else what he thinks they ought to do, managing the pensions is actually his job. Yes, everyone's pension fund tanked. But most administrators kept their nose in their own business, not everyone else's.

Lawmakers play politics

Yes, shocking just shocking. But our ever nimble lawmakers appear ready to override Deval Patrick's sensible veto of $4 million in zoos funding -- and hide behind an inadequate restoration of health care for legal immigrants.

Naturally advocates are professing happiness with some piece of the pie. And lawmakers will probably be grinning from ear to ear about stickin' it to Deval.

In the process, they will be rewarding bad behavior by the zoo officials who were eventually forced to admit no animals will die if the state pulls funding. And we'll probably never know how many people -- in this country legally -- will die as a result of inadequate health care.

Grabauskas "out of touch"

Ya think? For starters, the picture shows Our Man Dan standing on a Green Line car with empty seats and no one cramming to within an inch of his breathing space. The photo, if its designed to show he actually does ride the T, falls short of reality.

The MBTA board of directors is belatedly coming to realize that Smilin' Dan has been a rolling disaster, better at PR than performance. Until, of course, he gets caught in a spitting contest with his boss, transportation secretary Jame Aloisi, about whether Danny was or wasn't available when the National Transportation Safety Board lowered the boom over the first of the two Green Line crashes.

Better late than never. Welcome to the Smilin' Dan Has Got to Go Club. The membership cards are in the mail.

Menino eyes sixth term

It's enough to make me a supporter of term limits. Mr. Mayor, at least have the common sense not to talk about a sixth term until you win a fifth.

Boston has some significant issues that don't seem to be getting addressed. Like a giant hole in the ground on Washington Street where a downtown shopping area used to be. Or development projects in Roxbury that have been stuck in neutral since time immemorial.

Sadly, I'm not sure any of the three other candidates vying for the job in the September primary are up to the challenge. But it is possible Menino has given them a little extra ammunition by his foolish comment.

It's good to be home.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was, of course, Herald nonsense for the sake of a headline. The rule of thumb is usually, don't tell people that this term is your last, as you become a lame duck immediately.

July 30, 2009 8:45 AM  

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