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Monday, July 06, 2009


OK, I admit. Rasheed Wallace has always been one of those NBA players you love to hate. The scowl. The whine. The technicals. Oh the T's!

So what can you say about word the Celtics have apparently convinced Wallace to come aboard for two years at, for NBA standards, short money?

I believe Marv Albert said it best: YES!

After a gritty 2009 run that was doomed by Kevin Garnett's knee, the Celtics had seemingly dropped off the contenders list. The Cavaliers snagged Shaquille O'Neal. The Lakers are going to add Ron Artest (now that's a temper you can dislike even more!).

What's worse, the talk was drifting negative: is Rajon Rondo a liability? No, he's a competitive kid who has seen his career blossom. Does he need a little more maturity? Perhaps. A problem? Give me a break.

We all knew the initial window for a return to glory (and No. 17) was narrow. The new Big Three took care of that in short order and produced another 60-plus win season (albeit after raising thoughts about a 70-win schedule) before Garnett's knee betrayed him. I have firmly believed the Celtics already improved themselves next year with a healthy No. 5 back in action.

Bringing Wallace aboard means the Celtics are firmly committed to avoiding the dark days when the Original Big Three aged in place. Grant Hill would be a nice addition too.

But what is needed in tandem with retaining complimentary pieces like Eddie House and signing new ones like Wallace is a commitment to the future. To that end, re-signing Rondo and Big Baby is a must.

For those of us getting longer in the tooth, Wallace is the best Detroit import since a towel-waver by the name of Michael Leon Carr. With a healthy Garnett back under the basket, the Celtics will remain among the elite as the contend for No. 18.

And with Wallace, Garnett and Kendrick Perkins, they will also contend for the team with the most technicals. Hope Steve Pagliuci has some cash around after buying the Globe to help the guys out with the fines.

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