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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Truth -- or consequences

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

That's the essence of the message Massachusetts Democrats are offering Treasurer Tim Cahill as he promises to change his party affiliation -- but insists he may run for re-election and not governor.

The potential field for treasurer is growing -- with Democratic honcho and one-time gubernatorial candidate Steve Grossman tossing his hat into the ring for the job Cahill holds. The one-time state and national party chief may not be the most formidable candidate, but the symbolism is impressive.

A host of other Democrats eager for a rare vacancy in a statewide office are also being mentioned for the job.

Cahill was too coy by half in suggesting he only wants to express his Independence as a fiscally conservative Democrat -- but not forsaking his current job.

The Quincy pol has lusted for the top job and knows that it's up or out time. He would lead you to believe the fact he probably could not get the 15 percent needed to win a spot on the Democratic primary for governor at a convention controlled by Deval Patrick has nothing to do with it.

An independent bid by Cahill would only strengthen the incumbent's chance in a three-person race that could include Christy Mihos or Charlie Baker as the Republican. After all, he only needs 34 percent. So Patrick is alternating between neutral to feisty, telling the Statehouse News Service:
"If he’s going to be a candidate, then fine. We’ll talk about all that during the course of the campaign. He should bring his A game.”
If Cahill's support is deeper than his record, Patrick would have something to worry about. Count me a skeptic right now.

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