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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The wayward son

It's not often a resident of La Jolla, California drops by the Statehouse for a visit, let alone for the the unveiling of his portrait.

But there he was, in a sight rarely seen in 2006: Willard Mitt Romney, captured at his desk. Not working mind, just standing there.

It's amazing he found his way to the office at all. It is rumored he did have a few problems because he kept making sharp right turns once her entered the building.

It's a noble Massachusetts tradition, honoring the former governor with a portrait. It's even more noble since Myth paid for it out of his Massachusetts campaign account -- which has a whopping $9,165 left in it.

The appearance was a grand time for Deval Patrick critics to drag out polls claiming to rate Romney as the better chief executive. Of course Romney didn't do anything -- literally -- in his last year in office other than build the foundation for a national election run.

And of course, bad mouth the one significant accomplishment to occur during his term -- health care reform.

Absence may make the heart grow fonder, especially when long distances are involved. But the nostalgia for the Drop-By Governor, the Man who took a detour from Utah to "run" the state before flying the coop to bad mouth us, is really misplaced.

I'd venture to guess he isn't even missed by the ever-shrinking band of Republicans he seduced and abandoned. Like the rest of us.



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