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Friday, July 03, 2009

Whatever happened to...?

As the Division of Insurance and MassPIRG do verbal battle over the state of auto insurance premiums in the Commonwealth, I did started to wondering -- what ever happened to the predicted Armageddon that was going to follow "managed competition?"

Coverage remains costly (eliminating Massholes would probably help on that score) but all the fears that greedy insurers would redline poorer communities has yet to materialize and we are two years into the effort.

I admit I am suspect of any report claiming success that is released right before the start of a holiday weekend. But I also have seen very little to no evidence that the Chicken Little predictions offered by advocates have come true either.

Yes, there have been the usual back-and-forth battles with the attorney general fighting for better rates. But that battle is taking place with companies that once abandoned Massachusetts.

The Patrick administration would be wise to offer up the supporting information being sought by MassPIRG.

And the consumer group should show us the chaos they predicted would arise when insurers were allowed to set their own rates within guidelines. The worst thing I've seen is that ditzy Progressive saleswoman.



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