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Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Where are we supposed to get our sticky buns..."

I kept reading the story like many a Tweet, a morbid curiosity about why the Globe would write about restaurants and cafes that take time off in the summer.

Then, right after the jump in the hard copy came the killer quote:
"Where are we supposed to get our sticky buns from..."
And from the mouth of that nameless customer came the phrase that may just sum up America in 2009. Days after Al Franken took the oath of office for the Senate we can truly confirm it really is "about me".

It then became as easy as catching fish in a barrel after that. The Quincy College employee who said she would consider Charlie Baker as governor because Deval Patrick is "taxing us to death." Exactly how many tax dollars flow into the college, a public institution operated by the City of Quincy?

Or even the heart-wrenching story of the threatened closing of the Franklin Park and Stone Zoos -- and the potential euthanizing of animals. Maybe we should be "taxed for life?" Or do we cast aside the welfare of children and seniors for the animals?

None of this is getting through into the brain pans of most folks. Why? Is it the media's focus on trivia? Or the ability of anti-government types to repeatedly trick people into long-term memory loss?

Taxes are the big bugaboo in all of our lives (And that includes me. I plan to make a major purchase before the higher sales tax kicks in on Aug. 1 ). But we always fail to consider the broader picture -- like what happens behind the scenes. In government. In our daily routines.

I hope the person in need of the sticky bun fix can survive the inconvenience while work goes on behind the scenes to make the place that sells them cleaner and better.

And I hope we survive our own shortsightedness.

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Blogger Chris Rich said...

Oh no, not sticky buns.

The strange fiscal implosion ripples are amplified by embedded suspicion born of decades of sloppy squandering, featherbedding and graft from the most meager sidewalk pour in Methuen to the unimaginable vastness of the mother of all, the big dig.

If it wasn't such a strange culture of cravenness and jealousy among the working stiff cohort and the ethereal ditziness of the SUV Liberal cohort, some middle ground might be found.

The latter has a terrible oversight track record and gets fleeced by the grifter cohort time and time again.

The former are seething at the gravy train all around them that they aren't getting a taste of and seem to be paying for.

The restoration of competence and confidence is a seeming Augean undertaking.

And as I never tire of saying, it has to start in city and town halls before any stunning outcome issues from Beacon Hill.

You can't throw the old bums out unless there is some assurance that the new bums won't be another crop of municipality gamers now moving up to bigger stakes.

The containment of this twisted culture of conflict in 350 something fiefdoms merely tends to ensure that graft and grifters will ever hold the best cards with their eyes on the prize while the ditzes and disgruntled pummel each other.

When the general motto of the various gov service systems may as well be "Our Arrogance is only exceeded by our incompetence." as the fundamental basis for social contract, perpetual stagnation and bubbling bickering is our reward.

The zoo story is a tear jerker. The globe commentariat is a swell place to see the ditzes joust with the disgruntled. Of course the grifters stay out of the mutt fight.

No one in the few pages I checked seemed to consider the possibility that zoo's are a quaint Victorian anachronism that is becoming an embarrassment.

I'd favor some sort of repatriation for the critters if doable or retirement.

The poor ox is so hemmed in he can't help but gore something dear to the something for nothing constituency.

July 11, 2009 1:56 PM  

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