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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Man of Mitts-stery

There's a lot to digest in this one paragraph in Sasha Issenberg's look at the latest political machinations from Myth Romney:
This spring, Romney sold his homes in Belmont and Utah, bringing his recession-era inventory of houses to two (in California and New Hampshire). But he may add another: He has started shopping for a condo in Boston. “He’s slowing down a bit, and realized he has more than he needed,” says Tagg Romney, who now hosts his parents in a kitchenette-equipped guest room at his own Belmont home when Mitt and Ann need a place to sleep in Boston. (Romney’s staff is still struggling to capture the language of residential austerity: Fehrnstrom talks of “opening up the house” on New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee for summer as though it were a weeks-long activity.) The property shift sets Romney up to claim home-field advantage in New Hampshire, a state he needs to win. But Romney will remain registered to vote in Massachusetts, Fehrnstrom says.
In other words, he doesn't currently own property in Massachusetts -- opting to be a long-term visitor in his son Tagg's home but remains registered to vote in Massachusetts.

In the hands of one of his GOP competitors, the scenario can certainly sound like that of a homeless political carpetbagger searching for his best options.

But don't you need a utility bill or some proof of residency to be able to register to vote? Isn't that what the GOP "anti-voter fraud" effort is all about?

Yet the story says Romney has changed. We'll see. After all he did swear off running for the Kennedy seat -- for now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was looking into this issue too, since I'm the Belmont Citizen-Herald editor. After he sold his house, Mitt Romney changed his registration to a nearby lot where, it looks like, according to Google maps, he is building some sort of house: http://blogs.wickedlocal.com/mitt_move

August 31, 2009 6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its such a sad thing i politics when there is no loyalty. I agree that moving to try to get a political seat is kind of a dirty tactic, but, Since everyone in politics does it I have a hard time condeming romney for something that is done regularly. If a prominent democrat moved to boston to try to get in on kenedy's seat democrats would be praising him or her for trying to keep an important seat in the party lines. Disgusting how there is always a double standard. If both parties would either stop the dirty tactics of at least agree that they both do it I would have much more respect for washington.

September 10, 2009 10:00 AM  

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