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Friday, August 07, 2009

No Times like the present

The New York Times says it has righted the sinking ship and it's in no hurry to sell The Boston Globe.

But allow me to borrow the slogan of the old Crimson Travel agency: Go away. Please.

Speaking from high atop their 8th Avenue monument to excess and waste, Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and chief executive Janet Robinson say they were simply administering tough love in negotiations with the Globe unions and professed affection for the paper and the city it serves.

Then why have they not ventured out of Manhattan to tell us that?

It would be foolish to think new owners will be able to make serious headway in dealing with a revenue problems that afflicts the entire industry. But local owners would automatically have more credibility than distant overlords when it comes to professed love.

Oh and by the way Young Arthur, a piece of advice. Charging for web access to the Times and the Globe may be inevitable. But don't even think of sticking it to those of us who loyally support the dead tree edition and give you hundreds of dollars a year to be aggravated by deliveries that don't come for something you paid for in advance.

I'd be more than delighted to drop the dead tree editions of both papers and save a bundle of cash. That model works quite well for me with the Wall Street Journal.

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