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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pool party

I can see we are going to have an educated and uplifting gubernatorial campaign.

The hue and cry over the closing of state swimming pools at the height of the heat wave is one of the finest examples of the concept that people expect much from government -- and they also don't want to pay for it.

I understand the uproar over the decision by the Department of Conservation and Resources to continue shutting down the pools -- on schedule because a shortage of going back to school lifeguards as well as cash. Heck, the agency was once the MDC, home to tone deaf hacks.

I don't know where the public thinks the cash is going to come to pay for it in a state that has had as much success forecasting revenues in a recession as meteorologists have had predicting the rain and the heat this year.

But I do know one of the cheapest shots I have ever seen -- the Christy Mihos campaign and the Herald linking Gov. Deval Patrick's Sweet P Farm pool to shuttered facilities on our cities.

I though the Herald didn't do rich-bashing? I certainly don't recall suggestions that Mitt Romney invite minions up to his waterside manse in New Hampshire (although I certainly would love someone to correct on that if I am wrong).

But perhaps the biggest sin is the decision by Dick Morris, the architect of Christy Mihos' campaign, to start splashing when he represents a candidate who isn't exactly hurting for cash either.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if he opened up his back yard pool?” [Mihos spokesman Kevin] Sowyrda asked. “If he wants to be as generous to sunburned constituents as he certainly was ready to be to Sen. Marian Walsh when he tried to create a job for her, he’ll not only open the pool, but he’ll serve pina coladas poolside.”

Well, they did promise us they would go after Charlie Baker too.

It's hot enough without the inflammatory rhetoric. And by the way Christy -- do you have some nice cool down spot on the Cape thanks to the millions you've made from selling gas and potato chips?

I'll bring the towel. I'm sure you've got some flip-flops.

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Blogger Chris Rich said...

These faux controversies are what we should come to expect from a nation that gave up on growing up starting with the baby boom.

Most are doomed to be stuck in Junior High forever despite whatever superficial things they do to grub money.

Hey!!! Mom Obama's wearin shorts in August!!! Story at 11..

And time after time we see pandering to these addled adolescents in grown up bald and flabby bodies where the zoo trumps fire departments and safety for humans.

The drum beat of something for nothing ever pounds and yet, in this fiscal crisis, whenever an effort is made to cut back on cost making fluff, whether tall ships or giraffe welfare, pressure mounts to restore the toys and confections and to hell with the essentials.

August 20, 2009 4:29 PM  

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