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Thursday, August 06, 2009

System failure

Here's a question for all those staunch defenders of MBTA general manager Dan Grabauskas -- should anyone be responsible for the seemingly deplorable working condition of the system?

Check out the MBTA section of Universal Hub and observe the litany of daily problems -- which range from usual annoyances to major league headaches. Today it was signal problems on the Red Line and an electrical explosion at North Station. Yesterday it was the usual Green Line follies. And it goes on.

Toss in the not on time and over budget renovations, safety issues on the Green Line as documented by the National Transportation Safety Board, the rising fares and shoddy service and the often-nasty interactions between riders and MBTA employees and you have a system with a problem -- a big one.

You would think someone would be responsible for this -- and that someone would be the man at the top, whose smiling face greets us all and tells us to report the problems.

But this is Massachusetts, so you would be wrong. Our elected leaders -- mayors and legislative grandees say the problem rests with the governor.

I'd say that is as screwed up as the MBTA itself.

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Anonymous Charley on the MTA said...

Exactly. Either there's a bottom line, or there isn't.

August 06, 2009 9:23 PM  

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