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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aloha Aloisi

Good-bye and good luck Jim Aloisi.

I may not be as critical as the the departing transportation secretary as some other observers -- not that I'm sorry to see him go. Rather I think he served as just the sort of polarizing change agent that was needed to get this state's sorry transportation infrastructure off its oversized duff.

Let's face it -- we had the Big Dig fiasco, the Turnpike Authority follies and the MBTA nightmare -- all with roots that long preceded the arrival of Deval Patrick. And yes, many with roots in the leadership and/or influence of James Aloisi Jr.

But Bernard Cohen, Patrick's first transportation boss, was, um, ineffective. Nine months after his departure, we have a new transportation infrastructure, a clean slate at the top of the MBTA and the pieces in place for someone to come in and start fresh at a new cabinet level agency on Nov. 1.

Did you really want Aloisi to run it?

The rumor mill has Jeffrey Mullan, the man who took over the Turnpike Authority from the ousted Alan LeBovidge, the likely candidate to take over the new superagency on Nov. 1. Probably a lot better choice than a former US Transportation Secretary who is job shopping.

But I hear Andy Card isn't that interested in moving back to Massachusetts after all.

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