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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Crazy days

Perhaps you missed an important name lurking the Globe and Herald accounts of Christy Mihos shifting his focus from Beacon Hill to Capitol Hill.

Behind the rhetoric of Massachusetts needing a fighter and Republicans asking him to serve is a cold, hard calculation from political calculator Dick Morris: with Tim Cahill following through on his kamikaze independent run for governor, the Cape Cod convenience store tycoon was most certainly going to be toast in the governor's race.

It is amazing what an open Senate seat does to people. Even normally sane liberal activists think they can win.

Let's start with the ever-shifting race for Senate. Meehan? Out. Mike Capuano? In, probably. Alan Khazei? Who?

So the Democrats will likely field Attorney General Martha Coakley, 8th District Congressman Capuano and 9th District lawmaker Stephen Lynch. Still to be heard from is 7th CD representative Ed Markey, who I suspect is a non-starter, and 6th District lawmaker John Tierney, who I think would be a non-factor in a crowding field. Khazei? Wonderful civic impulses.

Now let's look at the GOP. There's Canton selectman Bob Burr. He can enjoy debating Khazei. Wrentham State Senator Scott Brown, who might be better off if he changed his name to that of his daughter, Alya. Kerry Healey is out and Charlie Baker, as of this moment, is still focused on governor.

Quick, name another Republican with anything resembling name recognition.

Nope, not Curt Schilling. He would run as an independent. That leaves, drum roll please, Mihos.

So much for the passion and commitment to reform Beacon Hill. There's an open seat and the promise of national Republican dollars. Not to mention a very tough race for governor -- even though he would be running in a primary against Baker and Cahill would only loom as a November obstacle.

To poach voters from the Democratic Deval haters who may not want to vote Republican, no matter who he may be.

So credit Mihos and Morris with a smart political move. Just don't fall for this commitment to serve stuff. After all, he can always shift directions again in December or January and run for governor as an independent again.

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Blogger Clint said...

What about Andy Card?

September 09, 2009 12:17 PM  
Blogger Outraged Liberal said...

Check out the previous post "Game On" or the one to come in a bit!

September 10, 2009 4:43 AM  

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