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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mr. Schilling Goes to Washington

It's a measure of the desperation of the Republican Party that it apparently is trying to lure Curt Schilling into the race to replace Ted Kennedy.

I'm assuming the man who made bloody socks famous meant Republicans when he said he's been "contacted by people whose opinion I give credence to and listen to, and I listened" as they suggested he seek the U.S. Senate seat open with Kennedy's death.

I'm sure it's enticing to think of a "non-politician" filling a role like that -- hearkening back to the idyll of Jimmy Stewart as Mr. Smith, the naive man who discovers political corruption and won't back down.

Well, unless Schilling opts to finance his campaign personally, he'll hardly need to wait to get to DC to witness corruption first hand. And if he can pay his own way, just exactly how of of the common touch does he have?

Great headline for Schilling, who seems to find it difficult to leave the spotlight behind. And I must admit that if Scot Lehigh will let me join Pundits Relishing A Newsworthy Knucklehead I might come around to enjoy a Schilling v. Joe Kennedy race.

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