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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The race is on

And they're off. Boston Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca, apparently rebuffed in his attempt to purchase The Boston Globe has turned his attention to another trophy available for purchase -- a United State Senate seat.

Meanwhile, the lone visible Republican in the field has started his race by running against -- Deval Patrick.

It's going to be a strange few months.

Let's start with Pagliuca who, along with co-owner Wyc Grousbeck, stands in high regard among Boston Celtics fans by restoring Green Glory in the form of shelling out big bucks to bring Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to Boston -- and Title No. 17 along with them.

But Pagliuca seems to be growing restless, first joining forces with Jack Connors on a proposal to buy the Globe and turn it into a non-profit. And with those prospects fading, he thinks purchasing a Senate seat is a good option.

Pagliuca has the cash to buy a good campaign team and flood the airwaves with ads introducing himself. Expect to see the NBA Championship trophy prominently mentioned.

But as political analyst Dan Payne notes:
“There are limits to what people will accept. A TV-commercial-only campaign may not be sufficient.’’
There will also be the matter of explaining his financial support for fellow Bain Capital alumnus Mitt Romney in his 1994 challenge to Ted Kennedy and his wife's involvement as the campaign treasurer. And personal loyalty doesn't explain his contributions to Bill Weld's 1996 run against John Kerry.

And speaking of political albatrosses, Scott Brown launched his campaign by accusing the Patrick administration of some hanky-panky in having state employees spend public time and resources researching if Brown could run for office while serving in the National Guard.

I guess there aren't enough issues to occupy us nationally so Brown feels the need to make Patrick -- the GOP's favorite whipping post -- the center of this campaign too.

That doesn't strike me as the most auspicious way to get out of the starting gate in a race where health care, the economy and how to avoid another financial meltdown are the core issues.

Of course it does get headlines, generate enthusiasm among the tiny GOP primary electorate and raise cash for what will undoubtedly be a sacrificial lamb candidacy aimed at higher office in the future.

But I must admit I am curious -- how will Brown vote on the bill to seat an interim senator pending the election in January?

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