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Sunday, October 18, 2009


I'll give the Globe credit for trying to get to the bottom line of the MBTA's financial structure. But to paraphrase the online headline: "Great complexity of the MBTA adds to its confusion."

By offering the contradictory markers -- low cost per passenger trip but high cost per vehicle mile -- I'm left just as befuddled as the poor tourist trying to get from Charles to Bowdoin.

A very nice effort in terms of multimedia reporting -- using boston.com effectively for a rare change. But in the end, I know just as little about the T's financials as I did before I started reading.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right. Compare that to the "original" Globe Spotlight report on the MBTA in 1979 by Buzelius, Hawes, Kurkjian, Porterfield, and Venocchi. That team used clear performance metrics to demonstrate that the T was a disaster, and it resulted in political action that improved things.

That series yielded a Pulitzer prize, too, by giving data to support the conclusion: "A principal reason for weak management is an alliance of unions and the State House."

October 18, 2009 10:19 AM  

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