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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tales of Pinocchio

I know I never remember when I get a new computer in the office.

That appears to be just the latest tall tale being offered by Michael "Pinocchio" Kineavy, who insisted he couldn't find subpoenaed e-mail because he dragged it out the the mail program, onto the desktop and into the trash, deleting it.

Until of course they found his old computer in another City Hall office -- with most of the sought after e-mails intact.

The busy Kineavy says he reported a slow computer on April 6 of this year. After a few exchanges with tech support he got a new computer on April 24.

He couldn't remember getting the new machine though. Probably like he couldn't remember the Globe Freedom of Information request for his e-mails on April 1.

It's all coincidence, says City Attorney Bill Sinnott, who distinguished himself earlier in Outlookgate by failing to understand the state's public records law.
“There’s been nothing to indicate he hasn’t been up front,’’ Sinnott said.
Oh really? Claiming to double-delete e-mails under subpoena before they turn up intact on another computer he didn't remember giving up because it ran slow?

I know it's such a breeze setting up all the programs just the way I like them when I get a new computer. Only takes about a week of tinkering.

As Pinocchio's nose grows, you also have to start to wonder about the man pulling the strings. In those immortal words: what did he know and when did he know it?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What on earth made Bill Galvin think he was enforcing the public information laws by ordering the CITY to hire a computer forensic to look for Kineavy's emails? Fox guarding the chicken coop? Is Sinnott obtuse and naive or smart like a fox?

My guess: IF the emails turn up, and that's a big if, (1) the US attorney's office is going to look really bad; (2) Diane Wilkerson can't look any worse, really, though we'll know better how she did it; (3) Chuck Turner will be largely absolved, solving the great surprise some of us felt at his indictment; and (4) Menino will slip away unscathed, once again. Well, 3 out of 4 ain't bad, but I love to see the Mayor get his comeuppance.

October 06, 2009 10:47 PM  

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