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Sunday, October 25, 2009

This day in trivia

Did Barack Obama fix the economy, fix the health care system, resolve the stand-off with Iran, formulate an Afghanistan policy and manufacture swine flu vaccine in his spare time?

I can only assume these weighty issues have been resolved. After all, The New York Times devoted precious front page space to the absence of women at White House pickup basketball games.

Yep, the self-absorbed Washington press corps is at it again. A week into the navel gazing over of the Fox News strategy (fronted by a woman, it should be noted), we are now listening to pundits opine on the relative invisibility of women in the inner circle.

Wasn't it not that long ago, during the tenure of the last Democratic president, that we were lamenting the presence of women in the Oval Office?

Obviously, this is not a new theme. Earlier this year we were treated to endless discourse on whether Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was being marginalized. It's only a matter of time before Michelle Obama's less-intense focus on health and education will be contrasted to Clinton's First Lady foray into health care reform and stories will pop on the marginalization of Michelle.

The level of education and basic knowledge among Americans has come into question recently. We are facing huge problems in providing basics like health care, jobs and quality education to increasing numbers of citizens.

And yet the media, pushed along by the 24-7, 140-character news cycle, prefers focusing on trivia rather than trying to adequately explain complex issues.

Death panels are far sexier topics than than a frank discussion about end-of-life care. Pickup basketball as a metaphor for whatever fevered idea is rattling around the commentariat's brain pan is a catchier subject than economic stimulus.

It would be laughable if only the stakes were not so high.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

NYT+basketball=Huh? Dunn-basketball+Fox=p59

October 25, 2009 12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tweet a link to this story.

October 25, 2009 12:40 PM  

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