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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Is that all there is?

As we get ready to pull the curtain to unveil Boston Mayor Tom Menino's fifth term "vision," it seems high time to reflect what is and what's in store.

The Globe offers a look today at mixed messages in crime prevention and education. Scot Lehigh treated us to fifth term goals. We have seen the Filene's Hole and are "treated" to teeth-rattling rides along main thoroughfares like Commonwealth Avenue.

Michael Flaherty did offer words -- but it's unlikely they will be enough to derail the Menino Express.

It all comes to down to likability, of Menino's common touch mangling of the language as somehow representative of Joe and Jane Sixpack.

As a non-resident I don't have a vote or even a direct stake -- although I work within city limits so I am now contributing to the coffers through the local option sales tax. So my whining may fairly been seen as sour grapes.

But I really have to wonder if this is the best the city has to offer -- or if politics has become such a pariah profession that the best and brightest walk away before the start.

Long Live King Tom!

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