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Monday, November 09, 2009

Of dinners and debates

One month out from an historic Democratic Senate primary and all we can talk about is debates and dinner tabs?

Oh, I forgot. We can also debate 15-year-old campaign commercials.

And the bad timing of the campaign award goes to the Herald for a story about Rep. Mike Capuano's voting record following a weekend he spent in Washington voting on historic health care legislation. A story in which not even Barbara Anderson would blast him and so the paper is forced to take an obvious quote about answering to voters and make it sound ominous.

I admit I don't know what I was expecting. Would decades of political coverage patterns disappear in the blink of any eye? It's always been about the trivial day-to-day campaign trail stuff. Substance? Who wants that? It's all about attacks.

Nor is it any surprise that Martha Coakley is hemming and hawing about debates. Front-runners do that. And when your frontrunner status is based on name recognition and a reputation for caution, you definitely don't want to rock the boat.

But we have the cold, hard reality that -- given the prima donna status of the Unite State Senate, where Joe Lieberman, Insurance-Connecticut, is threatening to kill health care reform if it has a public option -- the historic vote will be cast by one of the current candidates and not Paul Kirk.

We know where Capuano stands -- based on votes he cast this weekend rather than be on the campaign trail. What about the others?

What about financial and regulatory reform? We have the Pagliuca commercials. And we have an unexplored record of his tenure at Bain Capital.

What about Iraq and Afghanistan? Health care could be paid for by shaving the costs of these two wars -- but is there a price we would pay beyond dollars?

And it seems to me that Scott Brown does have a name against his on the Republican ballot. Rejecting a debate with Jack E. Robinson because it would be held at the Kennedy Library is one of the most laughable and pathetic dodges I have ever seen as a political junkie.

Hey, how about some real issues and some campaign coverage folks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martha Coakley was honest and told Mass voters exactly what they could expect from her: 18-30 years of zero accountability.

Her refusal to attend the League of Women Voters even is pathetic. There is hardly a soul in MA who did not already know just about everything about Mayor Menino. Yet he manned up and took on all comers over and over again. That "presumptive nominee" approach is not going to garner many votes for Coakley, so she had better toughen up and face the voters. She can proceed to ignore if she ends up winning.

November 09, 2009 2:10 PM  

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