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Thursday, November 12, 2009

What if you had an election & nobody came?

Here we are, less than a month from the Dec. 8 Senate primary election and apparently nine in 10 Massachusetts voters don't even know the date -- with 7 in 10 not even knowing the month.

Maybe the candidates ought to make some changes in their ubiquitous television and radio ads to highlight the date and not bicker over position.

The Suffolk University poll was conducted in the days prior to the eruption of the first significant media storm -- the duel between Martha Coakley and Mike Capuano over abortion restrictions in the House-passed health care bill.

That raises the hope that someone might actually show up on Election Day and keep all those poll workers company.

The survey also suggests that while money can't buy love, it can certainly buy name recognition. The non-stop effort by Steve Pagliuca to plaster his name over radio, TV and web banners has raised his visibiity beyond that of Bill Walker as the Celtics human victory cigar and vaulted him into second place behind Coakley in the Democratic primary.

But if Democratic awareness of the election would challenge those who think they are smarter than a fifth grader, Republican voter awareness is even less -- 98 percent of likely GOP voters didn't know the primary date.

The obvious factor now becomes field organization -- the person who gets their voters to the polls win. Coakley, having already run statewide, would seem to be in the best position. But Capuano has picked up some significant labor endorsements that could given him a boost in terms of boots on the ground.

Pagliuca has assembled a solid brain trust which has produced the ad blitz to raise his name recognition, but what about a field team? Alan Khazei, the forgotten man, reportedly has a good grassroots network but has become almost an afterthought in the race.

Look at the bright side -- turnout can't fall much farther. Unless there is a snowstorm.

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