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Monday, December 21, 2009

Deck the halls

Hey, did you hear Martha Coakley and Scott Brown are debating this week? Joe Kennedy too. No, no that one. But sorry to say I'm going to be otherwise occupied tonight and tomorrow. I'm rearranging my sock drawer.

If there ever was an anti-climatic political contest this one is it. You would think the race to fill the seat left vacant by an historic figure like Ted Kennedy would generate some heat and light. But you would be wrong.

After a lackluster Democratic primary, we are now being "treated" to a contest that spans the holiday season. Like you, I know that watching or listening to debates is right up there with grousing about the Patriots and wondering about Jason Bay. Not to mention dashing through the slush to get the presents bought and wrapped and the holiday dinner menu in order.

Oh and there are so many good reasons to pay attention to the contest. The battle over the 60th vote in the Senate for example (how do those codgers manage to stay up so late?) Not to mention that Brown, emulating the mentor of his political brain trust is spending so much time flipping and flopping on positions.

Or the celebrity that Kennedy brings to the race. No, not that Kennedy.

With talk already rampant that Brown is really just the latest version of Joe Malone (another candidate shaped by the current brain trust) setting his sights on the Corner Office in 2014 -- or Coakley's office next year -- how can you not be enthused?

By the prospect of your sock drawer.

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