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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Generating heat and no light

The three candidates for US Senate squared off last night is a semi-civilized affair.

But the real action took place hours earlier on WTKK, in which Brown accused Coakley of "lying," an item amply covered by the Associated Press and the Herald, but something that seems to disappeared from the face of Boston.com, where I first read it as a Metrodesk brief but now seemingly unsearchable.

That disappearance is all the more interesting given the intemperate nature of Brown's remarks:
"She’s either lying or she doesn’t understand federal tax code because, as somebody who makes what she makes, she got an across-the-board tax decrease, and she also benefited by the marriage penalty not being in effect," Brown said.
How does he know? Did he see her tax return?

The AP quotes Coakley spokesman Corey Welford calling Brown’s charge “ridiculous,” insisting that she was referring to those tax cuts that benefited the 1 percent of wealthiest Americans - “those earning $1 million or more.”

Whether it was the marriage penalty or the millionaire's tax cut, the harsh nature of the charge seemed worthy of additional questioning -- of both candidates.

But I was immediately struck by the use of the word lying. Shades of Joe Wilson!

There are so many good examples of lying out there in the political world: weapons of mass destruction; birthers; death panels, to name three. I'm sure my GOP friends can name one of two examples they consider tall tales but I doubt they could rise to the level of the death panel whopper and its close cousin, the Obama birth certificate "controversy."

But more to my point: what possessed Brown to resort to such an angry (and unprovable) allegation? And why is the Globe seemingly willing to let him off the hook?

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