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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The gift that keeps on giving

It's nice to see that in this holiday season -- when state employees are taking furloughs and human services are being slashed -- that the Massachusetts House of Representatives is helping out an unemployed former member by providing his friends with a holiday gift.

The fact that the House has paid for $378,000, and counting, in legal bills to defend itself in the mess created by former Speaker Sal DiMasi -- in a deal signed the day before DiMasi stepped down isn't really a surprise. That we found out about it is.

Nor is it really a shock that the law firm of Gargiulo/Rudnick was handpicked by DiMasi. After all the heart of the case against him is that he remembers who his friends are and takes care of them just as they take care of him.

Quick questions -- how many attorneys are there in the House counsel's office? And why did the House have to hire outside counsel when the governor's office did not?

It's frightening to think this is the office that will be responsible for naming the next attorney general should Martha Coakley beat Scott Brown in the final election for the vacant US Senate seat.

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