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Thursday, December 10, 2009

He's baack!

He's got the male model looks (he was a Cosmo centerfold after all). The is hair not quite as great, though certainly not bad for a middle-aged man. He's got a campaign braintrust that includes Eric Fehrnstrom. And he wants to go to Washington. Is Scott Brown a long-lost cousin of Mitt Romney?

Not completely. Brown came out of the box yesterday as the Republican US Senate nominee and signed the "no-new tax" pledge. Romney refused to do that and Fehrnstrom called it "government by gimmick."

Then again we know about Myth Romney and his um, flexibility on issues.

Brown came out swinging against Martha Coakley yesterday in the sprint to the final election on Jan. 19, ignoring a wacky weather day to head to Holyoke -- to a factory and Soldiers Home -- to promote a jobs program.

Great example driving in a snowstorm that delayed travelers all over the state (a fact that also seemed to elude Bill Belichick.) And aren't we trying to eliminate some of the patronage jobs at the Soldier's Home?

In a somewhat risky move, he is attempting to promote the fact he has children -- including an American Idol star -- over an opponent who married later in life.

Asked whether he was claiming that being a parent made him more qualified than Coakley, Brown said, “You take the total package and it’s a different presentation than what Martha offers.”

It's fine for him to promote his photogenic family but there's something in that statement which leaves a poor taste in my mouth.

But here we are. Coakley and her vanquished Democratic rivals pledged unity (and a merciful end the the Steve Paglicua advertising blitz). Despite Brown's assertions, Coakley is certainly in step with the the state and national mood on health care reform and stimulus -- even if the Democratic primary at times seemed ready to fall off the left side of the table.

The best marker of what lies ahead will be an impending decision by the Republican Senate Campaign Committee to bankroll some of Brown's expenses. If they take a pass, that will suggest the party thinks independent Joseph L. Kennedy has a better shot based on name recognition.

And it's not so coincidental that some are already whispering that Brown would make a fine GOP candidate -- to replace Coakley as attorney general.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe Kennedy is a nice enough guy but has never held any elected office.

His father, a retired Lutheran minister was notorious in his day for parlaying his carefully cultivated connections to the wealthy and powerful in Worcester into positions with, memberships in, and public honors from quite a few prominent establishment business and social organizations. His father also claimed to be a liberal while sitting pretty with the very conservative power brokers in town, (and he's also a manipulative and vindictive man, but I digress).

That Joe Kennedy is hoping to leapfrog to the top of the state's political pecking order has me wondering if he's being secretly bankrolled by his father's connections. These guys hate everything Ted Kennedy stood for and they would love to see another breed of Kennedy destroy his legacy.

December 10, 2009 3:38 PM  

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