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Friday, December 18, 2009

The real cost of budget cuts

Fewer cops. Closed firehouses. Shorter library hours.

The Globe's Brian McQuarrie takes a look at what state budget cuts have meant to the Town of Walpole. It offer a nice counterpoint to Chris Rowland's look at at the $1 billion being spent on the federal level to block change.

I'm sure someone will point out the we are talking a difference between taxpayer dollars and money spent by private enterprise to spend on protected commercial speech to promote their interests.

But what if their interests don't match those of the vast majority of citizens who will not benefit from lobbying to prevent caps on Wall Street salaries and bonuses? Especially when taxpayers will have paid for the bonuses this year.

Billion for lobbyists. Dregs for the rest of us. Not much of a seasonal message.

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