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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Unhealthy sexual obsessions

I figure that headline alone is worth a few clicks. After all, I'm only following the example set by much of the media -- tabloid and otherwise -- who just can't seem to get enough of the foibles and failings of famous human beings.

I'm not a golfer and I am not a Nike fan so Tiger Woods' "transgressions" won't change my sporting or purchasing habits. I have admired his on-the-course intensity and competition and as a casual observer I admire his accomplishments.

And I don't give a rats-patoot about his personal life or his early morning driving habits.

Americans love to build people up just to tear them down. Couple that with a an openly prudish demeanor that considers all references to love and sex both dirty and exciting and you get this obsession with the love lives of celebrities.

Most of the time the obsession has been with politicians -- and there may be at least a sliver of justification. Gary Hart and John Edwards were not just liars. They were reckless gamblers whose out-of-wedlock misdeeds exposed character flaws that could have proven dangerous.

Bill Clinton? Well, $70-plus million of hard-earned tax dollars couldn't prove anything dangerous about his childish and dangerous liaisons. And the history books will treat Clinton's lies about Monica Lewinsky far less harshly than George W. Bush's lies about weapons of mass destruction.

But when it comes to celebrities, the waste of time and attention is ever more staggering. For the sake of argument, let's say David Letterman's philandering could be seen as a form of workplace sexual harassment.

Who has Woods harmed other than himself, his wife and children?

The economy is still in trouble and we are about to expand our military obligations half a world away. Maybe we do need some diversions, but is sticking our noses into someone's personal life the appropriate one?

Score that a double-bogey -- one for Tiger and one for our holier-than-thou society.



Anonymous Dr Doc dlcs said...

Tiger Woods is in need of Prayer. I hope he will pray this Prayer: My fear has trapped and consumed me. But I am tired of living under the weight of my fears. These verses reassure me of your presence and confirm that you are able to deliver me from my trouble. Please give me your love and your power to replace these fears. Your perfect love casts out my fear. I thank you for promising to give me the peace that only you can give. I receive that peace now as I ask you to still my troubled heart. Because you are with me, I don't have to be afraid.

December 03, 2009 8:06 PM  

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