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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hail to the victor

Congratulations are in order for Scott Brown, who proved the polls correct, defied the odds and captured the "Kennedy seat" for the first significant Republican win in Massachusetts in decades.

But the national pundits who are proclaiming the victory as the death knell for health care reform and the Obama administration are sorely off the mark. While the sausage-making involving the health care debate surely played a role, the results reflect an abysmal effort by Attorney General Martha Coakley, who in turn was saddled by the ongoing stench on Beacon Hill.

We may have seen an influx of national tea baggers but the local members of the Hate Obama chapter did not have a decisive role in the turnout or in the margins Brown rolled up in town after town across Massachusetts.

The results are a sign of deep, deep trouble for Gov. Deval Patrick, whose only hope is the third party candidacy of Treasurer Tim Cahill has more substance than that of independent Joseph L. Kennedy.

The cold hard facts are that Democrats still control 59 percent of the United States Senate. That's a resounding majority anywhere else in the thinking world. If Brown chooses to be the 41st obstructionist, content to block action without offering constructive alternatives, congressional leaders still have substantial majorities with which to work.

They should get on with it.

And as for Coakley, the lame last minute finger pointing at the national party for "abandoning" her smacks of a total loss of reality. She should seriously think twice about running for re-election after the awful effort she was guilty of putting forward.

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Blogger Mark B. said...

First significant win? Other than a series of Governor wins, yeah.

Democrats hold 59 seats in the Senate. Liberals certainly do not - not even 50. With Brown in the Senate, moderate Dems will race to the center, and you'll probably see multiple Dems decide not to run again. The same will be true for the House - this is a devastating loss for the Left.

If they ran anyone other than Coakley, I would have voted D. This is payback for the Amiraults, and payback is a bitch. I just pray some Dem will run against her for A.G.

January 19, 2010 11:41 PM  
Blogger Outraged Liberal said...

Fair point -- though Weld was hardly a shocker given the climate at the time. It did not rattle the foundation the way this one did.

January 20, 2010 6:42 AM  

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