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Monday, January 25, 2010

Hold on to your hats

The pre-election blitz of robocalls, third party ads and the general bombardment of our senses on display here recently is the likely outcome of last week's Supreme Court decision to loosen limits on corporate campaign spending.

I feel like I'm a johnny-come-lately to the topic and my friend Dan Kennedy offered a great look at the inherent contradictions I feel. Let's just say that I've never seen corporations as sentient beings with the right to speak, but I do know they have deeper pockets than you and I do. Just look at what they already spend on lobbying and" issues management."

But I suppose the bright side is the billions on corporate cash that will now come cascading into the political system and drown out single voices at least offers a life vest to our ailing MSM.

Too bad it won't be used to weed out the lies, distortions and half-truths that are now a staple of our political "communications."

Oh, and tell me again that conservatives believe the courts should not be in the business of judicial activism?

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