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Thursday, January 07, 2010

A position for every season

Two interesting opinion pieces -- both on Massachusetts' highest profile Republicans -- clearly bring to light to a problem I view as even more insidious than the excesses of the tea bag movement,

In GOP terms, it's clear Mitt Romney and Scott Brown were for health care reform before they were against it. The cause of the change from working for and voting for the Massachusetts bill and slamming it today? Political expediency.

Romney's case is quite clear cut. The ink had barely dried on his signature when he pulled up stakes and turned his attention to Washington, where compromise is a four-letter word. But in the teabaggers eyes, Myth has a problem he can't walk away from -- being the parent of the individual mandate that requires every one to purchase health insurance.

Brown could claim his new-found opposition is because the Massachusetts system doesn't work. But it does. Efforts to control cost were not part of the initial legislation -- access was key. And this law has clearly increased access.

Both Romney and Brown took what were responsible and principled stands that have helped more Massachusetts residents get access to health care. Disavowing those stands in contradiction of evidence simply to pander for votes -- is irresponsible. It's why people do not trust politicians.

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Blogger Aaron G. said...

What you fail to understand is that 99% percent of America, even the evil Republicans, want some sort of healthcare reform - they just have a different view of how to accomplish that reform. Mitt Romney, for instance, has repeated many times that any sort of reform should be handled on the state level, not nationally. He stands by the system he promoted in MA and suggest that if anyone has a better idea... to try it out in THEIR state. "The states are the laboratories of democracy."

Healthcare Reform is not an idea generated by liberals only. Republicans abhor the current system just as much as anyone else.... they just want a better plan than the one being currently proposed on the national level.

January 07, 2010 3:25 PM  

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