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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Red Dawn over Blue State?

The political news this frosty January morning must make Democrats happy that voters don't go to the polls until the fall.


Massachusetts Republicans must hope today does not mark the high water mark of the year, what with reports showing Charley Baker raking in the bucks for his challenge to Deval Patrick. That, along with Patrick's basement level poll numbers and the continuing misdeeds of the Great and General Court is destined to make Democrats squirm.

But the news putting the brightest smiles on GOP faces is a Rasmussen Poll showing Scott Brown within 9 points of Martha Coakley in the Senate election to be held in less than two weeks.

It's odd that what is likely the biggest, most-talked about political story of the day ran online in the Globe, but buried as one paragraph in a spot story about a debate.

Maybe it's because the Globe has its own poll slated for the weekend, as David Bernstein suggests, or because there are various levels of skepticism about the accuracy of Rasmussen polls.

Nevertheless, the results amount to a double dose of bad news for Coakley, in tandem with a major Globe front-page look at her handling of a controversial rape case during her time as Middlesex DA.

It was interesting the water cooler chatter I heard yesterday included a professed coolness to Coakley, who has run a low-to-no visibility final campaign. The air of aloofness that has always surrounded her seemed likely to make this a race where only the truly believers will turn out, particularly if the weather is bad.

And those true believers are with Brown.

The timing of the poll's release may be the worst news of the day for the Republican challenger, serving to light a fire under the butts of the Coakley campaign hierarchy who assumed her smashing win over her Democratic rivals would be a harder test than one against a less well-known Republican.

Fasten your seat belts. And prepare to be barraged by television spots. It won't be dull.

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