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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spine time

It's been a sobering week for Democrats locally and nationally.

Scott Brown has been proclaimed the master of the universe (except by some of his Massachusetts Senate Republican colleagues).

Ayla Brown got a singing gig on the CBS Early Show (how did she pull THAT off?)

And members of the New England congressional delegation, from Olympia Snowe to Joe Lieberman are trying to express their independence -- with Snowe still smarting over what she insists was the majority party's refusal to negotiate with the GOP and Lieberman, well being Lieberman, a smarmy, self-righteous jerk.

Memo to Congressional Democrats: You still have significant majorities and the ability to frame issues to your advantage. Grow a backbone and get things done.

That's particularly true in the Senate, where arcane rules seem to require a 3/5ths majority to get a sneeze blessed. But 59 members in a 100-member body is still a significant majority anywhere else in the sentient world. So start thinking.

There have been suggestions the best approach is to break the massive health care bill into parts and bring each to a vote, requiring the GOP and "41" to actually take a stand on real issues rather than ponder and obfuscate.

Can anyone see the value of bringing a vote on a requirement that ends the insurance industry's ability to deny coverage to people based on pre-existing conditions?

Think Brown wants to run for re-election in 2012 having cast a vote against something we have already have in Massachusetts -- opening him to attack from a competent opponent who could use that as a weapon to show he is nothing but a tool of the No Caucus?

Democrats have tried to achieve a spirit if not a reality of bipartisanship -- only to have it turned on them by Republicans who, in the case of health care have peddled the same "socialist" message since the 1930s. The world did not end with the passage of Social Security and Medicare and it won't implode if Democrats offer up a massive bill in digestible chunks that can't be demonized and demagogued.

All they need to do is show a little spine.

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Blogger Readwriteblue said...

Sir, respectfully, I would offer to your side that it would be wise to work for the transparency that our President had promised. It also could be better if such important legislation could be seen as not involving only the special interests, bribery, and strong arm tactics.

January 24, 2010 11:44 AM  

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