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Monday, January 04, 2010

Stealth fighters

The B-2 bomber wasn't the only stealth fighter in the Fenway Park area on Friday for the Winter Classic. Scott Brown and his supporters were there too.

While Democratic US Senate nominee Martha Coakley has been taking it easy over the holidays, Brown has been busy in the blogosphere, Twittersphere and in regular campaign mode, pumping up his troops.

Conventional wisdom has it that Brown is pulling a Joe Malone -- being a sacrificial lamb against a strong Democrat, hoping to run a strong race that will catapult him into higher office much as Malone parlayed a 1988 race against Ted Kennedy into the state treasurer's job.

The true believers don't think so -- or at least won't admit it publicly. Not that an endorsement by John McCain will sway a lot of voters in true blue Massachusetts.

One can assume Coakley supporters are being even more stealthy -- identifying their voters and doing all they need to do to get them to the polls in two weeks. At least you hope so.

The weekend-long snowstorm should serve as a reminder about what is truly different about this election -- the date. When can you recall an election for all the marbles (as opposed to presidential primaries) taking place with snow on the ground?

What if the weather two weeks from tomorrow matches that from the weekend? An already tiny primary turnout is likely to shrivel even more.

And true believers are likely to turnout no matter the weather.

Coakley has the lead in name recognition, fund-raising and on positions that appeal to the majority of Bay Staters. What she doesn't appear to have is the same core of stealth fighters willing to get their feet wet and cold.

Harvey Leonard should not be a deciding factor in the Senate race.

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