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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Drama King

Maybe I ought to add Lauren Beckham Falcone to my reading list.

I suspect her Tuesday column in the Herald had a lot to do with yesterday's sudden "demand" by Sen.-elect Scott Brown's lawyer that the Wrentham Republican be seated immediately.

I'm sure it was just a "coincidence" the letter was written just as state officials were finishing up the election certification process and were ready to seat him today.

Let's not forget it was Brown himself who had targeted Feb. 11 for a swearing-in. All that talk about the Democrats trying a try through a heath care bill evaporated with the loss of heat from the campaign.

WBZ's Jon Keller suggests the date was set for Brown's convenience -- enough time to get a functioning office staff together.

But with the Brown presidential boomlet gaining steam with each passing day -- and the senator-elect clearly enjoying his 15 minutes of fame, something had to give. Beckham Falcone hit the nail on the head:

Yes, Brown’s meteoric rise is fascinating. He hasn’t even resigned from the state senate and he’s considering a 2012 run for president.

But he’s this close to overexposure. And that never ends well.

Just ask Britney Spears. Or Lindsay Lohan. Whitney Houston. Charlie Sheen. Michael Jackson. Tara Reid. John Edwards. Not even for Barack Obama, who, like Brown, was a three-term state senator-turned U.S. senator who seduced the nation and became president. But a year later? Like the bank bailouts, he’s about as popular as a root canal. Even Amber Lee Ettinger, aka “Obama Girl,” told Sean Hannity that she’s over him.

Scott Brown and John Edwards (not to mention Lindsay Lohan) in the same breath? Now that's trouble.

While Beckham Falcone fails to mention her own newspaper was part of that overexposure -- though surely not in the same league as Barbara Walters -- the daily fawning headlines about his modeling career, his lobbying for daughter Ayla to return to American Idol -- were not, um, senatorial.

Enter Dan Winslow with a letter demanding Brown be seated "without delay." No matter that the certification calendar had been clearly spelled out and the process was nearing completion.
The real goal was for stories in national media portraying the chomping-at-the-bit senator-elect fighting against still more Democratic delays.

Overly dramatic but probably necessary for a story line that was careening out of control -- started by the media but tolerated by the Brown camp until the criticism came from inside the cheerleading squad.

But the fame clock keeps on ticking.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a specified procedure which both parties will adhere to when there is a clear winner(no recount). The Secretary of State Glavin must not run a very tight ship. And then leave these election rules in place, don't change based on what party is in power.

February 04, 2010 5:56 AM  
Blogger Mark B. said...

Given that Massachusetts Liberals changed the senatorial succession law to keep a Republican governor from naming a possible replacement for John Kerry, I'd keep the snark down to a dull roar. So much for procedure - when they don't like the results, Democrats just change the law.

February 04, 2010 12:55 PM  
Blogger Foxed said...

Heh, Jon Keller seems to think Brown's an even bigger diva, since his staff apparently tried to get Patrick back in his office YESTERDAY to sign the thing all of a sudden.

Failing that, they asked him to take a side trip to Rhode Island so Tim Murray could sign off on Brown. His staff thought Brown's staff was kidding.

February 04, 2010 5:37 PM  

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