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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ease back slowly

So did I miss anything (except two non-snowstorms that from the perspective of the New York- and Washington-based media were the more horrific storms on record)?

I had really intended to take it slow in getting back up to speed but then, lo and behold, I was presented a softball in today's Globe coverage of the opening of Tim Cahill's gubernatorial campaign headquarters.

The deliciousness of the contradictions in this statement by reporter Eric Moskowitz, citing Caill's effort to tap the Scott Brown magic, was just to hard to pass up:
Like Brown, Cahill said he wants to cut taxes on individuals and businesses to help revive the economy, and he talked about ending “business as usual’’ and taking government back from those in power, in the name of the people.
Taking government back from those in power in the name of the people? Did Moskowitz or his editors check out Cahill's occupation for the past 24 years? It's elected official, serving in increasingly more powerful positions from Quincy city councilor to one of the state's six constitutional officers.

Plus, we find the usual spot news story reporting -- long on what is said and short on context. For example, how about this bon mot from Cahill running mate Paul Loscocco:
“Tim is not somebody that’s been around recently singing ‘fiscal responsibility.’ He’s been somebody with a strong record,’’ said Loscocco, a former Republican state representative from Holliston who, like Cahill, changed his registration to unenrolled recently. “He’s about fiscal responsibility, about making the tough decisions, about bringing some accountability to government on Beacon Hill.’’
Call me silly, but I have a hard time calling for tax cuts in the face of massive budget shortfalls as "fiscal responsibility," particularly when the tax cuts aren't matched with proposals on where to cut the spending to make up the difference.

And a run through some of Treasurer Tim's finer moments certainly leave me searching for making tough decisions made or accountability practiced.

Appreciate the chance to shoot fish in a barrel as a way to get me back on the treadmill.

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Blogger Bob Neer said...

Excellent! Welcome back. Good to see you saddled up and riding again.

February 14, 2010 2:18 PM  

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