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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's good to have friends

Massachusetts legislators should be thrilled to discover they have a friend in Bobby DeLeo. Because they probably have enough fingers left on that first hand to stop counting.

Mr. Speaker has laid down the law against the gubernatorial candidates, telling them they can't expect a free ride if they run against the Great and General Court.
“I’m, as speaker, not going to sit back idly and not fight back in terms of what we’ve done,” DeLeo told the Herald yesterday. “I think everybody wants to run against the Legislature . . . (but) I’m proud of the progress we’ve made.”
Proud? Remind me again how you got the nice office. Oh yeah. Your colleagues voted for Sal DiMasi despite all the legal headaches swirling around him and then watched him walk away a few weeks later -- and a few steps ahead of the feds poised to indict him.

Yes, lawmakers did approve ethics and pension reform and an overhaul of the state transportation system. After watering down even tougher standards proposed by Deval Patrick.

Some small comfort for the speaker though is he had fewer personnel headaches (so far) than his counterpart, Senate President Terry Murray. And to be fair, our lawmakers can't hold a candle to the parade of bozos in Albany.

Running against the Legislature is a popular concept these days. It should be. There's so much to run against.

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