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Saturday, February 20, 2010

No bench strength

For all the sunshine and lollipop scenarios being offered for Massachusetts Republicans there's one very sobering reality, on vivid display in two separate stories today. The state GOP has been moribund for so long the list of credible candidates is slim to begin with.

And then there is Christy and Joe.

Let's be serious -- a GOP gubernatorial candidate, running on a platform of fiscal issues, who self-finances his candidacy and bounces checks? It's highly unlikely the Republican state convention will allow Christy Mihos to make the ballot, leaving Charlie Baker to continue racking up big bucks.

More problematic is the potential congressional candidacy of former state Treasurer Joe Malone. A hail-fellow well-met type, Malone left some serious trash behind when he turned his office over to Tim Cahill.

Malone left office amid the stench of an embezzlement scheme where top aides and associates manipulated systems within the office of the state treasurer for seven years, stealing $9.4 million through various schemes.

Kevin Sowyrda, among Mihos' creditors, it should be noted, rightly observes the problem for the one-time fresh-faced reformer:
“Joe’s political predicament is acute,’’ he said. “It’s inevitable that the old embezzlement scandal gets dug up like an old corpse and used against him. I don’t see how he maneuvers around it.’’
Often overlooked in the media meme that voters are ready to take it out on Democrats is the fact that voters are bipartisanly peeved -- there are just more Democrats to take aim at. A Republican with a history such as Malone's is sure to be tarred with the same brush.

And here is exactly where the state GOP's single-minded focus on the top offices comes to hurt them. Change begins at the grassroots, and in Massachusetts, the GOP has only crabgrass.

Yes, Rep. Jeff Perry gets high marks as a potential candidate for the 10th Congressional District seat now held -- and soon to be abandoned -- by Bill Delahunt. But what good is that if the Old Guard refuses to step aside?

What will really be telling is how well the state party does in recruiting for the grunt seats -- the House and Senate. That's where the stench is worst right now and that's where the chance for success lies.

That and convincing Malone to step aside.

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