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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Political Posturing Caucus

Glad to see that one of Sen. Scott Brown's first acts in Washington is to form a caucus with the catchy name of the Take Back Washington Caucus.

Of course since he won't tell us who is in it or whether it has a bipartisan makeup makes it sounds as if it will be the same old, same old Political Posturing Caucus. And our new senator is quikcly becoming adept at that.

Like a stubborn child, Brown continues to ignore his own words, insisting the stimulus bill that marked its one-year anniversary, did not produce a single job. Apparently saving jobs like teachers, cops and firefighters that would have been lost to the Great Recession don't count.

Any more.

Democrats quickly blasted Brown’s comments yesterday and distributed press releases that Brown’s state Senate office sent out in recent months touting the positive impacts the stimulus had on his Wrentham-based district.

“I’m very pleased that the North Attleboro Fire Department will be receiving this important funding,’’ Brown said in a statement distributed last October.

The release pointed out that 127 firefighters who had been laid off - including three in North Attleboro - would be rehired as a result of the federal funding.

Brown also sent out press releases in recent months praising federal stimulus money that went to small businesses, homeless prevention, and seniors.

If Brown really wants to approach a proposed new jobs bill with "open eyes" he should start by looking at his own press releases and stop parroting the GOP line. Heck, even Dr. Supply Side himself, David Tuerck, acknowledges there's been a "puny" gain.

The best way to "take back Washington" is to put a stop to mindless, blinding partisanship. This is not a promising start.

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